Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exploing Calcutta

The wedding couldn't go on forever. So we were left with a few days to properly explore Calcutta/Kolkata.

It's definite a city of contrasts.

For one thing, the rickshaw is still in common use.
In fact, I found out that the rickshaw plays a critical role in the public transport system of the city. The rickshaw is at times the only vehicle able to move around the city due floods preventing other vehicles without the high wheels from moving.
So combined with the architecture and the old looking taxis, this is a city that at times looks like it's in a time warp.

But in another way, this made the place beautiful.

We decided to go to the Victoria Memorial as our first stop.

Built for Queen Victoria, this enormous structure didn't feel like it belonged in Calcutta.
But again, it was beautiful.

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