Monday, January 21, 2008

Castle of the Knights

After leaving Aleppo, we headed towards a site that Oliee and I had been keen on seeing for years.

Krak des Chivaliers.

This famous old Templar castle that has withstood the test of time.
Approaching the castle in the car was impressive enough. Perched atop a high hill, the road leading up is a slow wind.

Upon reaching it, we were presented with a castle that was not like the "beautiful" cathederals we had seen in Europe, but rather an imposing and threatening structure.

The smooth walls and sharp points of the structure were clearly made to keep people out.
But that didn't mean that the inside couldn't be nice as well!
It was a cold and wet day (we seemed to have fallen into a habit of encountering such days when we needed to do outdoor sites).

We were happy to retreat into a restaurant afterwards, where we were showered with hot tea and roasted meats and vegetables.

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