Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Desert City

After stumbling/running/sliding/surfing down the side of the citadel, Guy and I went on our exploration of the ruined city itself.

This was Palmyra! Route of the ancient trading routes and home of an empire that annoyed Rome just a little too much!

We started off by heading towards the ancient tower tombs. The sun was only just up and the temperatures were still low.
We walked about a kilometre or so to reach the tombs. By the time we reached them, we were standing in the middle of nowhere.

Spinning around, all we could see was desert as the modern city nearby had receeded off behind the hills and the horizon.

After walking in and around the tombs, we started off towards the ruined city.
The old Roman features were breathtaking.

It was interesting to contrast it to the ruins we had seen in more temperate environments.

While out there, Guy decided to give some effort towards his fitness.

I'm not sure how well it worked out....

After our wanderings, we headed back to our hotel.

We woke up Chris and Oliee who were still snoozing. Guy and I crashed. The 4AM wake up had taken it out of us.

Chris and Oliee went on their own exploration of the ruins.

When they returned, they woke us up and we all headed down to a restaurant nearby.

There, we ate a hearty meal of camel meat.

Nothing special... the meat's a bit too salty if you ask me....

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