Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hilly... very hilly....

What can be said about Amman?

.... not much.

There's nothing wrong with the place, there just isn't too much to see in the city.

We marched to the top of the citadel early one morning. It was a steep and long walk that involved confusion and arguments (literally) over which was the correct direction to take.

In the end, Guy was right and Oliee was wrong....
The views from the top were nice. But again, nothing particularly special.

Amman as a city is just amazingly hilly. It's a series of ups and downs from one end to the other.

Inside the museum at the top of the citadel, we were treated to a small room that had a particularly interesting exhibit though. The Dead Sea Scrolls!

We spent a bit of time there, glanced at it silently while the swarms of German and American tourists around us chatted and pointed.

The one thing about Amman that we did like was that it was a change from the norm. After being in the Middle East for a while, it was nice to get back to the ultra modern.

So we went to the movies!

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