Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get Low!!!!

From the dry heights of Mount Nebo, we were driven directly to what was pretty much the exact opposite.... wet lowliness.

The Dead Sea!

As the car wound its way down the mountain roads, we could see the colourful Bedouin tents everywhere, with their camels and goats all foraging nearby.

It was a strange contrast to the gleaming hotels that also began to appear before us.
The Dead Sea is a bit of a tourist destination now! Resorts line the Jordanian side.

We could all feel our ears popping as we rapidly decended in the car. All of us thought we'd have a good time having a swim. But really, it was just swimming... wasn't it?

It really isn't just swimming!

When we first jumped in, we could hardly contain our laughter. It may sound odd... but we weren't prepared for just how much we would be floating! At times it was almost as though we weren't in the water at all, but rather sitting on top of the water, like pieces of cork bobbing up and down.

According to Oliee (and also confirmed by wikipedia later on), the water in the Dead Sea would be lethal if a whole cup was consumed.

Being the incredible intellects that we are, of course we decided to splash around.

Not the best idea.

The water got in our eyes and it got in our mouths.

It left us gagging and in pain....

Still, it was ridiculously fun!

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