Sunday, January 27, 2008

Little Petra

Petra is just beyond belief.

It's almost as though it was created out of a fairy tale or someone's overactive imagination.
As we all left and headed back to our hotel, our heads spun with the images we had seen that day.
We arrived back at the hotel hungry and tired.

Thankfully, the hotel manager Giris was kind enough to bring us all over to share dinner with him and the staff. We were treated to a fantastic spread of mint tea, bread, fool, egg and galaya.

Guy had gone to sleep due to tiredness, but we dragged him out of bed for this meal. Thankfully he was happy with our decision and didn't attack us for waking him.

The next day, we went to "Little Petra". A small distance from the main ruins of Petra, but impressive nonetheless.
Guy showed us all how to stand tall and high.

Throughout the trip, he had been the climber of us all.

I had tried my best to keep up with him....
But once again, my shoes let me down.... a complete lack of grip seems to prevent any proper climbing.

Guv and Oliee seemed more than content to watch the two of us attempt suicide on our constant attempts to "get a better view".

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