Sunday, January 27, 2008

Commanding Heights

It had already been a long day. We had travelled up and down. We had been nicely rinsed off in the Dead Sea and now we were back in the car.

It was a strange feeling though. Even with the showers (which were FREEZING), we still felt disturbingly gritty. We could feel the salt crystals slowly forming on us and everytime I ran my hand through my hair, I was bound to find some granuals of salt in my fingers. Not the most hygenic of situations....

However, onward we pressed.

The next stop on this whirlwind tour of central Jordan was Kerak.

Atop a high peak, this fortress was stunning. A beautiful example of Crusader architecture.
From here, Raynald de Chatillon pretty much single handedly started the end of the Crusader kingdoms.
The man was clearly an ass, disliked by both sides.
But from atop this impressive fortress, it's fairly easy to understand why Raynald felt himself invincible to the onslaughts of the world.

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