Monday, January 07, 2008

Walking the paths of history

How often is it that one really gets to walk through something truly ancient?

On a nice sunny day, our travels took us to a place where we did exactly that. After a short drive from Selcuk, we arrived in the old Roman town of Ephesus. The former port city, this great town.... now only ruins.

But what amazing ruins!
None of us had seen anything like it! Nothing even close. This was something truly out of our comprehensions as Australians. Back home, we see nothing like this. There are echoes of our colonial past and there are reminders of the Aborigines who have come before us... but the remnants of lost civilisations is not something we are familiar with.
At the great library of Celcius, all of us took our time to take in the beauty of the architecture.
And only a few hundred metres away, we found the famous Ampitheatre! This was no mere ruin though, this was the place in which St Paul had debated the Epheseans themselves on their worship of the old Roman gods! To be standing in this spot was an experience that shouldn't have been different from many other experiences I've had. Yet to be there in person, to be looking out into the same seats and he did, gave me a shiver down my spine.

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