Saturday, January 26, 2008

Holy Moses!

Ok, so Amman wasn't the best.

However, the rest of Jordan comes with a reputation. A reputation of incredible sites and spectacular beauty.

After a couple of days in Jordan we went off looking for these sites.
The first of these sites was Mt Nebo.
It was from this place that Moses looked out into the Holy Land. He would go no further as his people continued their quest towards their new home.
It was true, a very beautiful view was there for all of us.

What we could see wasn't particularly green. To be honest, we were curious as to why they called this the "land of milk and honey" at first....

But when we thought about where we had been, the deserts we had seen, we began to understand that this would have seemed like a tropical paradise to eyes that had only seen scorching sands and barren hills.

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