Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Seeking Sights

After we were all thoroughly amazed by the enormity of Ephesus, we were taken onwards to some less interesting sights.

First came the "Seven Sleepers". An old tomb for seven martyrs who were apparently revived. It was a little underwhelming in comparison to what we had all just seen. It was also unhelped by the widespread graffiti at the site.
After this, we were driven to the next site. One of the ancient wonders of the world no less!!! The Temple of Artemis. We were expecting alot.

After all.... a Wonder of the World!!!!

I mean, how is it possible that we could be disappointed with that?

How is it even imaginable that this place would not have at least a semblance of what was once there?


We were all even more underwhelmed.

All that really remained was a single column.... that had been put up recently with the help of modern concrete.
Guy was particularly unhappy with it. He had found his new cry of disappointment for the trip: "As good as the Temple of Artemis!".

Thankfully, we stayed there only long enough for:
Guy to push Oliee down a hill;
for Oliee to try and drag me to my death as he fell down the hill;
for Oliee to convince Guy and I to chase some geese;
for Oliee to abandon us at the first sign of trouble;
for Guy to ACTUALLY chase the geese;
for Guy to get chased by a guard dog;
for Oliee and Guy to have a foot race back to the car; and
for Guy to fall over.

All in all, a fun time for everyone.

Back at the hotel, our driver Hassan was kind enough to bring me some refreshing mountain tea. It tasted lemony and sweet, far lighter than the strong teas we had become accustomed to.

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