Sunday, January 27, 2008

The City in Stone

After a full day of travelling around Jordan, we were tired.

We crashed into our destination of Wadi Musa where we all decided to take it easy for the night. A bit of snooker, some food and checking our emails was about all that we could muster the energy for.

We couldn't take too much time off though, because the next day we were going to be seeing one of the great wonders of the world.

We were just outside of Petra.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early. We were driven to the entrance and from there we changed to what we felt was a more appropriate form of transportation.
I liked my horse the best! It was a struggle to keep him from galloping off as he champed on the bit the entire time.
After the short ride, we reached the walls of rocks. The horses would go no further so we would have to walk (dammit...)

Guy couldn't help but start humming the tune to Indiana Jones.
It seemed strangely appropriate.

As we continued walking, all of a sudden the temples appeared. We were now well and truly gobsmacked.

This was definitely one of the most amazing things any of us had ever seen.
The sheer size, beauty and wonder of the buildings could hardly be described.

It was also a strangely surreal moment. To have read of this place for so many years and to finally be standing directly in front of it.

.... all of this again added to by Guy, who was humming the Indiana Jones tune even more loudly now.

As the sun rose further, we went searching for a place to have breakfast.

The seats of the old Roman amphitheatre seemed to be the perfect location!

We climbed passed some security barriers and wandered in over the stage and found ourselves seats in the front row.
Considering how great our seats were for breakfast, I can't understand why the boys are all scowling!

After eating, we continued our walk. A hike would probably be a better way to describe it.

Following the directions of Oliee and the sure footed lead of Guy, we climbed over rocks and boulders and reached the highest of high points.
It was here that Oliee decided that he wanted to sacrifice me to the gods....
After more hiking, we reached the monastery.

For some strange reason, we decided the best way to get to the top was to power march up. None of us had any real reason to get up to the top that quickly.... but we seemed to all egg each other on subconsciously. We were up in no time at all really!
It was again, breathtaking.

Oliee and Chris found a nice place to relax for tea and water as Guy and I attempted to find new and interesting places to climb and fall to our deaths.
It was definitely a day of wonder and amazement.

Oliee and Chris rode out of Petra on donkeys whilst Guy and I walked out, slowly taking in more of the beauty of the sites.
Before we walked through the cliff walls, Guy couldn't help but turn around and give one more Indiana Jones pose!

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